Happy, Humid, Houseplants.

Your skin and lungs aren’t the only beneficiaries of a balanced air environment. Houseplants thrive in moist air! So if you have plants in your home that seem to have a hard time keeping up in the winter, a whole home humidifier could help bring them back to life.
Plants not only absorb moisture through their roots, but also through the air and their leaves. Although they do not have lungs like us, the increase in humidity absolutely affects their vitality.
So, if you like to breathe deep and soak in the sunshine with your plants, perhaps considering a whole-home humidifer would be an ideal addition to your home!

Humidity and Snoring: The Odd Couple

Sleepless nights next to your beloved have you feeling the caffeine craze? Snoring affects over 37 million adults annually. If you think you’ve tried every remedy in the books to alleviate troublesome snoring- Komfort Heating is here to save the day!

Dry air aggravates the tissues of your throat and nose-leading to inflammation, and dehydrated airways. These narrower airways in turn lead to surface tension and increased snoring.

Running a whole home humidifer will elevate the levels of moisture in your home, thus alleviating your swollen nose and throat- and restoring blissful sleep free of snoring! This is only a single example of how a humidifier might enhance your home amidst an undeniable variety of benefits they offer.

Humidity and Beauty Benefits

While humidifiers are widely touted for their benefits to lungs and nasal passages- their hydrating goodness doesn’t stop there!

Adding humidity to your home is the essential solution to keeping dry skin and hair out of  your world. With increased levels of moisture in the air, your skin is able to more effectively absorb this hydration-leaving you nourished, soft-skinned, and comfortable. Not only does this affect day-to-day comfort, it also has a positive affect on psorisis and eczema.

Hair follows the same suit! Keeping locks moisturized and glossy is a great added benefit to increased humidity levels. Dry, static air will leave your hair parched and frizzy, versus regular exposure to moisture in the air can help combat the winter blues.

While in room humidifiers are always an option- they also require constant attention and refilling. A whole home humidifer is a quick and easy install that will keep your home permanently within optimum levels and won’t require daily (or any!) refills.

How To Keep Flu Germs Out Of Your Home

Not only can a whole-home humidifier help alleviate symptoms of the flu, it can actually prevent the spread of the influenza virus. In a study by the National Academy of Sciences, a strong correlation between dry condidtions and the transmission and survival of the virus was found.

Researchers discovered tthat when the absolute humidity level in the air was too low, the flu virus survived longer and was transmitted more easily. So, by increasing the level of humidity throughout your home, you can provide optimum conditions for a healthy environment.