AC Out? What to check before calling a tech.

It’s 95 degrees out, and your entire family is over for a BBQ. Your cousins baby is sleeping peacefully inside, when all of the sudden you realize the AC isn’t working and the indoor temperature is climbing.

Although your first reaction may be to call your local HVAC contracter (which is of course Komfort Heating), we have a couple simple tips to try before scheduling that service call. Saving you time, and money, these insider hacks are worth the try.

First, check your air filter! One of the most common culprits of a malfunctioning system is a dirty filter. Without proper air flow you could see your system begin to leak water, or even shut down. If it’s dirty, get a new one in and you’ll be surprised how often this resolves the problem.

Check your thermostat, is the screen on? Try changing the batteries and see if this helps your system. Low or dead batteries can also be the source of a poorly functioning system.

Check the circuit breaker. Find your breaker box and make sure all the breakers are in the ‘on’ position. Also try going to the furnace and flipping the on/off switch.

Finally, head on over to the outside unit for your air conditioning. Is it covered in debris or dust? If so, gently spray down the equipment. A clean condenser coil is essential to properly functioning equipment.

If none of these quick remedies bring your AC back to life, then it is probably time for an expert opinion. Although we hope you never run into problems bigger than these, Komfort Heating is always here to meet your HVAC needs as they arise!


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