Engergy Efficiency in A/C units.

Looking at purchasing new HVAC equipment can be overwhelming. You are making a major purchase for your home, with little to no knowledge about the system you’re making decisions about. Add into that all the technical jargon, ratings, sizes, and multi-stage options…..well even a somewhat knowledgeable homeowner could find themselves with questions.

When purchasing a new air conditioning unit, one factor to consider is the SEER rating- or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. This number is an average of an entire season, to see how much energy a unit may use. There are minimum established requirements to be met here, and 13 SEER is the minimum. Although now the current standard has been raised, your home may have equipment with as low as 8 SEER due to changes in regulations over time.

Naturally, the higher your SEER rating, the more annual savings will be in cooling costs. This chart is a great visual to see where a front-end investment might prove to be highly beneficial over the long term.

Aside from money saving features, often systems with a higher SEER will also offer greater comfort. Typically, these units have a 2-stage or varible speed compressor in them. The downfall of a single stage unit is it can only run on one speed-leading to a system that is constantly turning off and on, resulting to uneven cooling. This fluctuation in temperature also inhibits the reduction of humidity in the home, further decreasing comfort.

Wisconsing Focus on Energy offers great rebates on high efficiency equipment, and Komfort Heating is proud to offer these as an instant discount to your system- saving you on both the initial investment, as well as over the long term.

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