High Humidity Have You Hopeless?

As temperatures increase, so do humidity levels! Aside from general discomfort, excess humidity can cause corrosion, decay, termite infestation, as well as other insect infestations. This increase in humidity can also encourage the growth of mildew- exacerbating allergies and asthma.

While many homeowners opt to sleep with portable dehumidifiers in their homes- why might you choose to invest in a whole-home unit instead? Whole-home dehumidification systems:

  • Can automatically control the humidity throughout your entire home, not just a single room
  • They are located at the furnace, out of sight
  • They are quieter than portable units
  • They are self-draining, so no condensate to empty 1-2x daily
  • Are more energy efficient than their single-room counterparts

Installation of a whole-home dehumidifier preserves the life of your carpets, furniture, wood cabinets and floors. It also makes the air in your home healthier and more breathable by minimizing mold and mildew- lessening the irritation of asthma and allergic reactions.

Installation of whole-home dehumidification systems is a quick and easy process. Skilled technicians will attach the equipment directly to your furnace, clean up after themselves, and leave you to enjoy your new, fresher air! With the energy savings over time, these systems ultimately cost less and operate with higher functionality than their stand-alone counterparts.

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