Humidity and Beauty Benefits

While humidifiers are widely touted for their benefits to lungs and nasal passages- their hydrating goodness doesn’t stop there!

Adding humidity to your home is the essential solution to keeping dry skin and hair out of  your world. With increased levels of moisture in the air, your skin is able to more effectively absorb this hydration-leaving you nourished, soft-skinned, and comfortable. Not only does this affect day-to-day comfort, it also has a positive affect on psorisis and eczema.

Hair follows the same suit! Keeping locks moisturized and glossy is a great added benefit to increased humidity levels. Dry, static air will leave your hair parched and frizzy, versus regular exposure to moisture in the air can help combat the winter blues.

While in room humidifiers are always an option- they also require constant attention and refilling. A whole home humidifer is a quick and easy install that will keep your home permanently within optimum levels and won’t require daily (or any!) refills.

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